I am a research scientist for the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) working at the Institute for Structural Biology (IBS) in Grenoble, France.


My research interest in the PIXEL team is centered on the engineering and characterization of fluorescent proteins, using a set of techniques: molecular biology, biochemistry, kinetic X-ray crystallography, spectroscopy and single-molecule localization microscopy.


On this website, you will find all relevant information about my work-related activities: from my CV, including the list of my publications and my Ph.D. thesis to details about my past and current research projectsA list of my deposited 3D atomic structures is available as well as a selection of videos representative of my research career. You can also consult my presentations  (conferences & posters), public communication actions and teaching experience. Awards I received and coverage of some results by media are detailed on dedicated pages.


Would you have some questions or requests, please contact me or leave a comment or/and connect to any professional network by clicking on the icons at the bottom of each page.

February 7, 2020

Nat Comm (2020) "Photoswitching mechanism of a fluorescent protein revealed by time-resolved crystallography and transient absorption spectroscopy"

Reversibly switchable fluorescent proteins (RSFPs) serve as markers in advanced fluorescence imaging. Photoswitching from a non-fluorescent off-state to a fluorescent on-state involves trans-to-cis chromophore isomerization and proton transfer. Whereas excited-state events on the ps timescale have been structurally characterized, conformational changes on slower timescales remain elusive. Here we describe the off-to-on photoswitching mechanism in the RSFP rsEGFP2 by using a combination of time-resolved serial crystallography at an X-ray free-electron laser and ns-resolved pump–probe UV-visible spectroscopy...

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