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HDR :  Etudes photophysiques et ingénierie des protéines fluorescentes phototransformables
(Photophysical studies and engineering of phototransformable fluorescent proteins)

HDR, Professorial thesis, Habilitation


The aim of this Habilitation is to review the advances and work I have contributed to concerning phototransformable fluorescent proteins (PTFPs), since my PhD thesis on this subject.


This manuscript is organised into several parts describing the various photophysical phenomena of PTFPs and their use, illustrated by ~ thirty of my publications in journals and books since my PhD.


After an introduction to fluorescent proteins and PTFPs, five parts describe the five areas that I studied over the last decade: reversible photocommutation, irreversible photoconversion from green to red and biphotochromic proteins, the photophysical limitations to the use of PTFPs (bleaching, flashing, black states, heterogeneities, etc.) and the solutions that we propose, as well as examples of the practical use of our PTFPs.


Finally, the emerging theme of PALM at cryogenic temperature and research prospects are presented.

This manuscript is written in French.

What is an Habilitation?:

The Habilitation is the highest university degree in ~35 countries, amongst which is France where it is called Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR). 

This post-PhD diploma allows for example be an official PhD thesis director or to be chosen as a reporter in a PhD jury.

More information on:

Virgile Adam, HDR defense
Virgile Adam, Antoine Delon, Eve de Rosny, Jean-Denis Pedelacq, Marie Erard, Emmanuel Margeat
Food and drinks after Virgile Adam's HDR

First photo = During the defense in the IBS seminar room, Second photo = Virgile Adam and jury members (Antoine Delon, Eve de Rosny, Jean-Denis Pedelacq, Marie Erard and Emmanuel Margeat), Third photo = food and drinks during the post-defense HDR party, Fourth photo: HDR diploma

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